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Manufacturing services


Prototype and production of elettronic boards

We can manage, through specialized suppliers approved by us, the entire production flow:

  • PCBs Purchase (We provide, in quicks times, samples, pre-series and production of single side - double side - multilayer - rigid-flex - Kapton-flex, alumina, Diclad, etcc. Multilayer in 24 hours!)
  • Materials purchase in full account (electronic components, mechanical and cover boards)
  • Management of electronic components subcontracted
  • Assembling electronic components (PTH, SMT/BGA/uBGA with X-RAY inspection documented)
  • Electromechanical assembly and wiring



From 2015 New Service  "Fast Line".
Prototype in full account (Pcb, Assembly and Components) within 7 working days.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.