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Passion , experience and determination are our trademark

The growth of Telma Engineering Srl has always been guided by three main components: the passion of people who work there, the strong sense of reality and the constant drive towards innovation.

Take up the challenge, aware of the challenges that businesses face every day, but being always ready to revise their beliefs. Only then will the employees of Telma Engineering Srl, know that they can continue to enrich their experience.

It’s in this way that Telma Engineering Srl every day contributes to the success of its clients, as evidenced by some of the most prestigious achievements in Europe and the USA free of complexity faced and results achieved. Achievements that allow us to say without false modesty that Telma Engineering Ltd. is a leading international leader in the field. Our company continually proves to act without compromise, even in the approach to consultancy to its clients broke the patterns by such leverage years of experience of employees.

Will astonish the methodologies, tools, the knowledge that our employees will be able to use to help you achieve your goals.

Our customers consists of companies operating in the field of industrial electronics, railway control, automation, racing, consumer, medical equipment, telecommunications, automotive, robotics, UPS, military / aeronautical / avionics, terminals reading laser, Audio, Consumer, Led, research