Passion, experience and determination:
our trademarks

The growth of Telma Engineering Srl has always been guided by three fundamental elements: the passion of the people who work there, the strong sense of reality and the constant push towards innovation, continuously putting itself on the line to continue to enrich its experience.

State-of-the-art technologies, modern electronic board assembly projects and a strong experience in the sector allow us to offer an extremely professional service, as evidenced by some of the most prestigious creations in Europe and the USA.

By making available to the customer over 25 years of experience in the sector, we design modular solutions capable of fully satisfying every type of requirement.

The tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals

Leveraging on the many years of experience of our technicians and collaborators, Telma Engineering has continuously proven to act without compromise, placing itself as a serious and capable partner in different sectors:
  • industrial electronics
  • railway control
  • electromedical
  • automation
  • telecommunications
  • research / experimentation
  • automotive
  • racing
  • robotics
  • uninterruptible power supplies
  • military / aviation / avionics
  • laser reading terminals
  • audio
  • consumer
  • led lighting
  • home automation